Amy waited in eager anticipation as her husband, Bob, prepared to treat her to a really kinky session of hot sex. She had been really wet with unbridled lust ever since he had blindfolded and tied her on the bed. She shivered as she felt his touch started to roll over her body. Afterwards she jerked up as she felt something cold being run all over her body, especially around her breasts and nether regions. She moaned out loud as he rolled what was probably an ice cube over her hard nipples, inner thighs and clit. Her husband repeated the action but this time followed it with his mouth. Amy knew she would now be so wet and runny like a user tap down there as she helplessly shook and moan to what Bob was doing to her. He deliberately left her pussy, only lightly grazing her clit with his fingers before leaving her alone once more. Amy was quite excited by the whole concept and vowed to wow her husband with more love, sex and attention for this wonderful treat he was giving her tonight. Once again she felt sweet, sexual torture as he began to graze her sides, underneath her breasts, the ins and outs of her ears, nipples, thighs and pussy lips. She would buck and writhe in agonizing pleasure as he continued to touch her erogenous zones with the feather. What made everything more crazy and exciting for her was that she could not even see nor have an idea of how he was going about his erotic ministrations over her body. After a while that she had been begging for some relief, he sucked on her pussy and clit as he gently fingered her to a light but intense orgasm. Then Bob went away briefly before coming back with another object. Amy smiled and shivered with unconcealed lust at the welcomed the feel of whatever it was that was being rubbed on her soaking pussy. And despite being already tied down to the bed, she still tried to spread her legs in a lust-drunk anticipation of something pleasurable to enter her pussy and give her the real relief she sought. Also pleased with his progress, Bob grinned as he inserted the cucumber into his wife’s yearning pussy but something went wrong at that point. Amy’s initial groan of pleasure instantly turned to that of absolute discomfort as she gritted her teeth in pain and quickly instructed her husband to remove the whatever it was that he was using. It turned out that the vegetable being used by Bob was too big for her pussy and also its texture and feel just wasn’t in sync with her down there. And thus the kinky sex husband and wife were both enjoying was suddenly blown off due to a simple but fatal mistake on the husband’s part. Out of the eagerness to create a pleasurable moment for his wife, he had hastily gone for an object as a sex toy with the mentality of only having something to penetrate that matters and nothing else.

We can all agree that sex toys have now become part and parcel of our daily sexual lives. In fact sex toys are now needed if a man or woman has the intention of spicing up the sexual life of a female partner. But sex nowadays are now more than the old tradition of simply kissing and making a penetration. It is now a whole new form of activity where there are many styles, objects, techniques and preferences involved. So if you are having the intention of surprising your partner or lover anytime sexually, always endeavor to first know about your partner’s sexual preferences (this is the most important). This will make you get prepared on what and what not to get for her pleasure so you won’t end up screwing over that special, kinky moment with your woman just like Bob. So here are some of the most popular types of sex toys suitable for females:

  1. Dildos
    Dildos have been around for as long as the concept of sex toys or means of manual penetration came up. Yes they do look out of place compared to all the modern, innovative and sleek high toys that are popular now, but they shall always remain as classic mementos for many women for both vaginal and anal pleasure. They are the old fashioned means of penetration that closely resemble that of real penis.
  2. Butt Plugs
    These small but effective babies are the go-to whenever it comes to real anal stimulation. All you need to do is make sure to wash your hands, ensure your anus is equally clean and make use of gloves and the proper lubrication for easy penetration.
  3. Clitoral Massagers
    Sometimes a woman could have trouble reaching orgasm with normal penetration and so may need an extra push of stimulation. We all know that button is the powerhouse of pleasure for most women and all it needs in order to make her reach that height of pleasure is to give those bundle of nerves a nice massage. They are vibrating objects but specifically made for clits.
  4. Nipple Clamps
    For any lady that wants a little more pain to elicit pleasure, these nipple holders are the most suitable. Though not all women are fans of BDSM, but the clamps are for those wanting a bit more forceful touch on their sensitive nipples.
  5. Vibrators
    These are more or less like mechanical or electrical dildos, with a most important feature of theirs which is the vibrating power. Yes apart from the feeling of penal penetration, there is the added feature of tingling power that uses the energy of powerful batteries that provides the needed vibration and stimulation.

So there you have it. Also, one must take note that these types of sex toys definitely come in different designs and sizes, features and usage, textures and prices. So all you need do is to make the right choice according to your woman’s or female partner’s likes and then there would be no making the same bedroom mistakes like Bob.

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