Sex is a very beautiful thing to enjoy and experience if done right. The feeling of making your partner to grab the sheets with a deathlike grip, twisting his or her face in rapturous pleasure and crying out in uncontained ecstasy are undoubtedly very nice reactions to watch. And this means you are definitely doing something right to sexually stimulate your partner. But being able to give and receive the ultimate sex feelings between partners is not as direct as it may sound or look but neither is it complex or difficult to achieve. The reason for stating the ‘not too direct’ point on the exchange of sexual pleasure between partners is due to the fact that we are all wired differently, thereby creating confusing and awkward scenarios when someone falls short of giving his or her partner that strongly expected sexual excitement and adventure. And what this means is that whether you are Homosexual, lesbian or heterosexual, the main purpose of whatever sexual activity you might want to indulge in with your partner is to give and receive as much pleasure and ecstasy as much as possible. From oral pleasure, anal play or sex, clitoral stimulation, spanking, and down to actual penetration, everything is all about knowing how and when to properly stimulate your partner to that mouth and body twisting orgasm. The sex to achieve could be something kinky, romantic or BDSM like in nature and all these types of sex cannot just be achieved directly.

Sexual activities cut across all genders and preferences. Now these preferences require certain means or physical objects to create and successfully achieve the necessary pleasure and climax. These objects are also known as sex toys and there are different types, shapes and functionalities associated with them. But even as Homosexual or lesbian couples, there is no longer any need to fret because your sexual needs would definitely be met. So here are some really good sex toys to give you and your gay partner that much sought after ultimate sexual satisfaction in bed:

  1. Cock Rings
    These cool sex toys are worn at the base of the penis. They are exactly positioned behind the testicles or both depending on the type or model. Also depending on you and your partner’s choices, you can still decide to wear two of them at the same time. The main function of the cock ring is to restrict the blood flow of a man’s erection, thereby applying enough pressure on the perineum so as to give him a fuller hard-on and helping him to maintain it even after ejaculation. The pleasure is even more prolonged due to the painful pressure.
  2. Fleshlight
    This is a specially designed sex toy for male stimulation. The open ended ones are especially designed for homosexual couples so that as your partner is plunging away, you can use your mouth to fellate him from the other end. Fleshlights also come in different designs and functions. Some create a suction feeling while some also vibrate. With a good, suitable lube, you and your partner can give yourself hours of sexual bliss.
  3. The Dildo
    Homosexuals and lesbian partners who are penetration fans would definitely not want to have fun without experiencing one of these popular babies. Yes penetration is the ultimate and purpose of any sexual activity and this sex object is more than up for that task. Dildos have been around for some time and they are the most popular ‘go to’ sex toy object for all couples in general. They also come in different range and sizes, textures and usage. There are single one and double ended ones for anal or vaginal (for lesbians) penetration whether for you alone or you and your partner at the same time as you make out. There are mechanical and electrical ones which can otherwise be labelled as vibrators, and those are especially useful for both clitoral, vaginal, penal stimulation and anal pleasure by stimulating your sphincter muscle.
  4. Butt Plugs
    And just like dildos and vibrators, the anal plug could be both for penetrating and stimulation but this time for your butt hole. Depending on your choice, the Butt plug can be the remote controlled ones to give yourselves unlimited pleasure at any time and the pace you want it. It can also be the normal one purchased solely for giving yourselves a good time of anal stimulation with only a good lube without vibration. There are also different sizes, textures and designs that can be ordered on many stores online.

Thus these are the ultimate kind of sex toys you and your partner can easily get without any financial hassles or stress due to their flexible use. And they are as perfect as they can be for homosexuals and lesbian couples.


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