Sarah was in a rush to make it home on time and seemed to be stuck in a stagnant line as the traffic crawled in a painful manner that wanted to make her scream. She had made sure to quickly round off whatever she was doing at the office so as to beat the dreaded weekend rush hour. She had been quite stressed and frustrated lately due to the immense workload her department have been made to accomplish starting from that week. What really made the stress worse was as a result of the ultimatum given to them by the management to finish everything before the deadline or else… And right now that it was Friday at last, all she really wanted to do was quickly get home, have a good, scented bath and test out her newly ordered sex toys to relief herself through a hell of an orgasm that would hopefully make her fall into a sleepy stupor. But it seemed the annoying traffic was hell-bent on further completing the maddening frustration of the week for her. Seeing no end in sight, she groaned in irritation, paid the cabbie the required fee and alighted in a rush towards the metro so as to beat time. She reached the underground railway and smiled for the first time that day since she resumed work. Walking briskly towards the next boarding train, she looked into her bag for the necessary change to get the needed train ticket. Sarah was so engrossed in rummaging her bag that she didn’t look up on time to avoid colliding with another commuter. Her bag got torn from her hands which unfortunately spilled its contents onto the floor. She immediately gasped and quickly proceeded to pick up her belongings, especially in a desperate bid to protect her more private things that were not meant for the public eye. She was able to quickly recover her things from the floor, and thinking it was a close call, heaved a sigh of relief and looked up to apologize to the person she bumped into when she noticed people staring at her in a funny way, with some of them even laughing and pointing. Quite befuddled now, she suddenly heard buzzing sounds she hadn’t paid attention to before. She looked around and what she saw made her cover her mouth in horror. Her new horny devil vibrator and nipple twisters have been thrown some few meters from her across the floor without her noticing because she had thought the sex toys weren’t even part of the stuffs that accidentally spilled from her bag in the first place. As if the embarrassment of having her sex toys scattered on the floor for all to see wasn’t enough, their continuous buzzing added more to her public shame as they droned on like angry bumblebees. And without daring to meet the stares drilling holes into her, she gently went to pick them while biting her lip to hold back tears. She recovered her items with shame and strong embarrassment covering her like a shroud as she walked out of the station. Blaming herself for the first time for not having the patience to get home before tearing the toys out of their parcels and briefly sampling them at the office earlier, she ran out of the station with the thought of her day already ruined for her.

Having sex toys with you on a journey, whether long or short, is far from being abnormal. And as a lady, you have to accept that your sexual urges also need relief just like the men. But it’s not always that you get to have that sweet, slow or fast sex with another person due to many challenges (which are not the focus right now). But the issue here is sex is one of the best and most healthy ways of releasing a build up of stress, unhappiness, discomfort and frustration, especially when there’s a great orgasm to make up for it. We all have bad days alongside the good ones but it seems the former usually occur more than the latter for many people, especially those working in stressful places. Epinephrine and cortisol are usually the chemical released by the brain when under stress, and too much of it in the system will definitely create lots of changes that can negatively affect one’s life. But sexual relief is one sure way to greatly reduce those dangerous levels of cortisol in your system, and contrary to hypocritical beliefs, it is perfectly normal to give yourself either a gushing or squirting orgasm through a masturbating session. And you can still achieve this without having to insure the cost of taking noticeable and clumsy looking sex toys with you wherever you go.

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Now it’s no longer a hidden matter that there are lots of sex toys for women to help release themselves from unnecessary sexual tension. Note the word ‘unnecessary’. This means why kill yourself slowly with either a workplace or relationship frustration when you can easily give yourself that staggering orgasm that would make your toes curl and put an ‘o’ expression on your mouth and face? Thus, women sure deserve experiencing that cloud nine and stress releasing pleasure without calling the attention of unwanted people, strangers and snooping family members. Technology has advanced in all areas of human life and this does not exclude the production of effective and artfully made female sex toys that won’t embarrass you at all in case you accidentally bumped into someone and spill your bag’s content or a close person decides to playfully snoop around in your bag. So here are a few travel-friendly, convenient, sleek and powerful toys you can use to make your pussy weep and clit to throb in pleasure whether on a flight, vehicle or to and fro work:

  1. The Iroha Stick Vibrator: This vibrator is so beautiful and sleek that it conveniently passes as a form of lipstick in disguise, well except you forget to wipe your cum from it. It is a Japanese made sex toy and can be ordered from popular stores online.
  2. The Unbound Squish: This is a waterproof vibrator that can make a lady’s flower to weep juices in excitement due to its one powerful feature So you can cum to heaven under the shower or in the pool without stress. And that feature is its very strong vibration. And what makes the cute, lemon-shaped sex toy to even be quite a dear for the ladies is because of the reasonably quiet sounds when it’s humming with its signature of producing strong vibrations to take you to ecstasy.
  3. The Lelo Siri 2: Though not an apple product, the Siri 2 is actually a sleek clitoral massager that can easily pass as a remote control in your bag or luggage. It has different settings and functions apart from making your pussy wet from clit stimulation.
  4. The Crave Vesper: Guess why this is perfectly beautiful as a sex toy? It’s because it was brilliantly made in such a way that any lady can actually wear it as a form of necklace without people even knowing your pretty ornament is actually a pussy stimulant. It is a bullet sized vibrator that is totally easy to carry around in your purse, bag or in this case your neck.

So there you have it all. Everything here has shown that there is nothing wrong at all in sexually stimulating yourself, but it is not necessary to run the risk of being uncomfortable by that by carrying sex toys that could create the embarrassing situation that you are running around with humming cocks. The above sex toys are easy to use and carry while battery removal is no issue at all. So get one today and treat yourself to a good, long squirt of pleasure.


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