I Am Simply Love!

I Am Simply Love!

I am thinking did you come into existence before me, or was it the other way around?

Are you the light that shines from above guiding my way along my chosen path, or am I the light that is forever glowing and pulsating my own unique rhythm, that defines me as unique.

Am I to look to you for my answers, or am I to look within myself? How am I to perceive you? Are you real? Do you exist everywhere? Or is it me that is infinite in my being?

Are you just a thought in my mind? Or am I just a beautiful thought in yours that you infused with the most divine and glorious love?

Did you spend a long time creating me in your gracious mind? Or did I just pop out and find myself as a soul sparkling in all eternity?

I suppose it doesn’t really matter. For as I ponder on who you are, I am feeling very special. I sense a thought glowing in my heart that is warm, soft and safe and which is now spreading gently throughout my whole body. As I sense further into that grateful awareness I feel a light, and as I look closer I can see that it resembles a diamond of many facets. Some facets are crystal clear, some need a little polish. As I buff those facets that are a little cloudy I uncover hundreds of exquisite glittering lights, that remind me of gem stones of the purest quality.

I delve deeper and it feels as if I am lifting a jewel encrusted lid of the most precious treasure box. I simply can’t wait to see inside where I discover even more wondrous qualities that I have yet to grasp.

In my delight I feel a giggle stirring in my heart and I want to laugh. I begin to chuckle and the warm glow strengthens in my veins. I feel so alive! I take myself further into that feeling and I feel increasing in loving intensity. My inner strength is returning.

Now I am laughing out loud and my whole body ripples in sheer delight as I realise that you and I are unique, but one of the same. The feeling floods my every cell and I am overwhelmed with love.

I may have come from you in my very beginning, but I know now that you come from me in my every moment of living.

You fill my world with love and I am overflowing in richness that I am unable to adequately describe. Tears gently fall from my eyes in utter joy.

In you I have found me, and now all is perfect in my world!

But it always has been, hasn’t it.

Sandy Hounsell founder of Soulawaken is on a mission to clear the toxic dustbin that is holding people back from stepping forward into the vibrant, healthy joyful lives they deserve.
Sandy hosts complimentary monthly webinars, sharing invaluable soul wisdom helping you live from your most truest self, your soul. Join her by registering here and you will be provided with all the details in plenty of time: [http://soulawaken.com/webinar-registration-form/].
You can also take advantage of her free eBook, “Living Without Fear Or Limitations’, 32 pages packed with over 100 tips and insights and a deeply healing meditation, “Opening To Love”, by going here: http://bit.ly/10LO47c


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