Art And Social Distancing

Art And Social Distancing

In these days of pandemics, natural disasters, stress, worry and fear, we all need a respite, a break. Something positive and uplifting – and quick – to take our mind off our problems – if only for a few moments. In today’s society, and especially in turbulent times, we need something to instantly make us feel better, naturally. That’s what one Los Angeles artist provides.

Through his Cool Color Art Weekly publication, he sends one of his fabulous colorful photographic images directly to his subscribers’ email inbox, every week. To uplift the heart. To feed your soul. Art to replenish you, revitalize you and refocus you in a positive way. He provides what he calls art for the heart, sustenance for the soul.

Art is not just beauty. It can also be an emotional expression, a spiritual stimulation. And Andrew creates his art images and then uses them to help people improve their lives, to momentarily set aside the perils and pitfalls of daily life, to suspend fear and worry and stress. To connect you to the spiritual universe. To enjoy life.

Art is universal, undying and unique and has existed since the dawn of time. Art is a human expression and can take many forms. It can appeal to one or more of our five senses. And can also appeal to the sixth sense, spirituality. Andrew’s art appeals to the sense of sight and stimulates you through the use of bright beautiful colors. As an artist, he “takes objects in his environment and turns them into bright colorful images that evoke positive emotions, bright colors that evoke beauty and uplift the spirit. Many of his images look more like paintings than photographs.”

Why would people want an art image sent to their inbox every week? Because it’s easy, it’s fast and you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything except open your email. And it provides automatic social distancing. With art images emailed to your inbox every week, you don’t even have to buy art to enjoy it (you can, of course, but you don’t have to). And you don’t have to go to an art exhibit, or an art gallery, or an art fair, or a museum to look at art (you can, of course, it’s a different experience but with the current pandemic, or traffic or time or expense, it’s often a lot of work or planning. Or not allowed due to social distancing). As an alternative to exposing yourself to germs and viruses from other people or surfaces, you can have beautiful colorful art images delivered right to your inbox, for your own private viewing. You can enjoy art on YOUR schedule, on whatever device you choose, wherever and whenever you want to view it. It’s an instant art break. An instant rejuvenation of the self. And it meets the requirements of social distancing.

Art in your inbox is another modern, fast and inexpensive electronic solution for the fast, stressful pace of today’s life. Like many modern activities today, it’s electronic. It’s convenient. Now, thanks to social distancing, life delivers art to your inbox.

Cool Color Art Weekly. Andrew Lawrence, artist/publisher.


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