Tim had stumbled across a newly invented item while scouring the internet for anything great or special and whose price is not going to be off the charts or even if still expensive that the price should still be worth it. He was desperate to find something nice and exciting for a change as a Christmas gift for his wife. Though they were still on good terms but he sensed his wife was getting more stressed recently due to the upsurge for demands of services in her place of work and that, coupled with his own schedule, has kind of put a sort of distance between them. But as the festive period of Christmas was fast approaching, he was really desperate to get that specific thing he can both surprise his wife with and at the same time help them bond more. And luckily after searching for a while, he saw a beautiful and innovative device whose features were definitely something worth testing for both of them. He beamed as an idea came into his head and he readily made an order for the item.

Coincidentally, his wife, Sarah, was the one at home when the item arrived by delivery. Though she had been curious when she saw the package but soon thought nothing more of it. On Christmas day they had both decided to stay home after making the necessary outings days before. Tim had promised Sarah a surprise and she was already looking forward to it. Though it was not Boxing day yet but he was already itching to try the stuff out with his wife. They had retired early into bed for the day after freshening up and Sarah was already more curious than horny for what her husband has got to show. She giggled when Tim appeared in the bedroom like a Santa in red bathrobe.

He smiled and gave her the colorfully wrapped item, “Merry Christmas honey.”

Tim watched as her expression of excitement quickly turned to that of disappointment when she finally unwrapped the gift.

“Well thanks Tim and I really appreciate your gesture but I don’t think a mere sex toy can do it for me now. You do know the hectic demands of my work, right? And there’s no way I would have the time to be using this” She said with a bit of exasperation as she dropped the unboxed sex toy.

Tim immediately calmed her down, “Relax honey, I know you’ve been pretty stressed lately and that is why I wanted to make sure this Christmas is more than special for you and I. So why don’t you just relax and let me give you a massage while you read about the toy, okay?”


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Sarah relaxed a bit and took his hands, “I’m truly sorry dear. I knew you did this for me and I sincerely appreciate it. I guess I’m still being bothered by the residue of work stress”

Tim nodded as he got behind her and gently exposed her shoulders to start his massage,” No problem babe. And that is the more reason for you to relax and read on what the toy is all about while you enjoy my magical touch. This Santa has really been training himself on that for the past few weeks and he sure doesn’t want it to go to waste this Christmas.”

Sarah laughed and reclined into the arms of her husband, “Alright then. Your wish is my command Santa.”

Tim really put the video tutorials he had been watching to good use as he thoroughly kneaded his wife’s smooth shoulders. Sarah on the other hand felt instant peace and pleasure as she occasionally moaned and closed her eyes to the lovely feeling of her husband’s touch. She soon felt herself getting turned on and extremely interested as she read the functions of the adjustable couples vibrator. Before long, Tim’s massage and the suggestive words and images on the manual of the sex toy have made her body sizzling, thereby making her to moan and shiver more and more. Sarah soon started craning neck for her husband to nuzzle, and seeing a good opening, Tim did just that. Soon Sarah and Tim got down to heavy kissing, caressing and cuddling. Sarah, who was now breathing and shaking heavily with lust, requested they use the couples vibrator immediately. And of course Tim had already gotten ready for that, so he instantly started the readily installed app to activate the toy after inserting it not his wife. The moment was so great and relaxing for Sarah that she let herself loose and shed tears of emotion as she thanked her husband for the best Christmas gift ever. She fiercely held her husband close as she bared her troubled mind to him, including telling him all she had been facing at work before the yuletide holidays and apologizing for all her previous negative attitudes. Tim had assured her to always tell him anything whenever she was troubled. Afterall they are husband and wife and she shouldn’t try to bear any burden alone, especially the emotional ones. Promising to always try and be there for each other the more, they sealed it with a hot, sensual kiss and made love again with the sex toy. In fact they made love almost throughout the night before sleeping off from exhaustion. Even Santa Claus will surely smile in happiness to see the couple now sleeping in each other’s arms with absolute peace and love on their faces after having their best Christmas wish come true.

They say touching someone intimately is kind of magical; no need for words because the touch has already conveyed how you feel before you say it. And a loving touch, suffice to say, is more than enough without words for it can surely go a long way to mend what was once thought to be irreparable. And to be candid, the use of sex toys between lovers surely needs a passionate touch most of the time. Take for instance the couples vibrator used as an example in the short story above, one can see the effect it had on Tim and Sarah. The toy had not only helped them to get their relationship back on track, but it had made both husband and wife to bond sexually and emotionally more than ever before. And there are many other types of sex toys out there to aid in achieving a truly, loving and magical moment with one’s partner. Though of course it is still very necessary to know your partner’s sexual likes and dislikes in order not to spoil a special moment between each other. And even as crazy and complicated most relationships are nowadays, sex is still much more than a ‘wam-bam thank you ma’am’ physical session. If you really want to achieve the best out of the sexual moments you are having or want to have with your spouse, then you really need that touch of connected emotions. And anything outside that will only make the sex to become monotonous on the long run. And research has shown that sex toys are now the best tools to enable both a good sexual and emotional bond with one’s wife or husband due to the mutual closeness of usage they require before a man and woman can use them.

Sex toys truly abound in different forms, categories, functions and usage. From the hard-core sex toys like gags, whips, spanking canes, scrotum binds, enormous dildos, nipple clamps, blindfolds, binds etc, and the kinky which include vibrators, clit massagers, double ended dildos, anal plugs (normal and electric), cock rings (normal and electric), anal beads etc., and down to the erotic ones like the couples vibrators, bullet dildos, normal sized dildos etc, it is all just about connecting with your partner on a sexual level that you’d both enjoy as a memorable adventure. Though most of the categories of sex toys listed here can be used interchangeably between men and women with nothing lacking in the sexual excitement, but everything, whether hard-core or not, still boils down to being able to bond effectively with your partner. Just like in the case of Tim and Sarah, sometimes all you need to save your relationship or make it more adventurous and exciting is by simply introducing something that can bring that difference. And you are guaranteed that many of these items have been made in such ways that you can get to discover lots of previously unknown sexual information about your woman or man. Though some are really pricey to buy and maintain but most are worth the price. So in case you think your sex life with your wife or husband is feeling boring, non-intimate and leading to a disaster, then why not try a good sex toy and see how your partner would bond more to you with the feeling that you’ve really been thinking about him or her. Thus it’s never too late to make a sexual wish for your spouse with a good loving this coming Christmas. Make a touch of closeness with one of these toys and see your relationship soaring high to new, adventurous heights.

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