Being able to fully know and be intimately aware of what kind of sensation or touch is guaranteed to create a good feeling is a very vital information to becoming more attuned to one’s pleasure centers. And this fact does not change even if one gets old. Yes that is right, no need thinking sex toys have been specifically made to only cater for younger people. As long as the feelings or urges are really still there, then a granny or senior woman should have no qualms in trying to find a sexual relief from a vibrator for instance.

Vibrators are now a trend and have truly come to stay due to their various applications and usage for the proper stimulation of the female vagina even when there is no male around. Now imagine denying someone that simply because you feel they are too old for that. Vibrators are like dildos but coming with many tantalizing features like vibrations, specially made curves and textures for enjoyable penetration and surface modifications for extra clitoral and vaginal sensations. It has been scientifically proven that it is quite good for health to have regular sexual relief so as to expel stress and the accumulated tension usually borne out of lack of any pleasure. And sexual pleasure is truly a very good and healthy way to unwind if done right whether with a partner or not. But the social pattern of the world is changing everyday, and the factors therein might make it too complicated to find a suitable partner, or most importantly a stable one. Thus a woman might be embroiled in many work activities or wish to be alone most of the time from the headaches of a relationship and prefer to have some special alone time. And to fully enjoy that alone time, it is very important for her to regularly keep herself sexually active, this time solo-style, both for the emotional and physical well-being of her body. And achieving that is easier with the right vibrator despite the dryness and irritation of the vagina as usually associated with the coming of old age.

Now as an older lady, it is a fact that there will definitely be the need for more stimulation to get aroused and even a much longer time to reach orgasm. This is mostly as a result of the frequent aches, pains and arthritic wrists and joints of old age that can make the longer arousal time quite uncomfortable. But the solution to this, as hinted earlier, is a well chosen and well placed vibrator. Seriously, this can very well make the difference between achieving that sweet orgasm and getting none at all. And this is definitely so whether you are having a solo sex or partner sex. But all hope is not lost if you as an older or senior lady can follow these tips.

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  1. Knowing your new, old self
    The coming of old age is expected to usher in lots of changes to the female body in the form of menopause, heat bouts, vaginal dryness and reduced sensitivity. This means there is the need to try out exploring yourself first in order to know the suitable areas around your clitoris and vulva that are still sensitive to touch before going ahead for a suitable vibrator. Note that having this knowledge can go a long way in helping you to purchase the right vibrator for your needs. Also if you have a partner, you can both explore together and even create more sense of intimacy between yourselves. Either with a partner or not, touch your erogenous zones by yourself, feel each other out and have fun with your fingers too.
  2. Never be too hasty for an orgasm straightaway
    Sex during old age is undoubtedly more difficult, and making it more enjoyable and orgasmic will definitely require lots of time and patience. When using your selected vibrator, always try and approach with a purpose to feel the sensations and pleasures of your body to the fullest. It is only by taking things slow and taking the time to feel your body can you derive that orgasmic pleasure you seek. So you can gently glide the vibrator around your vulva and clitoris with the buzz of the vibration set to minimal so as not to make your private area to be overstimulated.
  3. Let your body dictate the vibrator you should purchase
    Remember you are now older, and the things your body used to be subjected to can no longer be indulged. Therefore do not purchase a vibrator simply because you want to proof to your younger colleagues or family that you are still sexually capable or active. The misguided belief of size and what others think you should require in bed should not come to play at all during your old age. Though there is still need to consider size (which should strictly be based on your body demands) at times, especially if what used to be the perfect fit many years back could now be just too girthy and uncomfortable due irregular penetrative sex, but the final point is letting your vulva and clitoris decide for you.
  4. The feel and purpose of your vibrator
    Questions you need to ask yourself when going for any vibrator are these: how does it feel against your skin? What kind of vibrating power do you need from it? What it looks like? How noisy or quiet it is? And what part of your body do you want it to stimulate the most?

Thus whether solo or partnered, older women do need to pay attention to their sexual health by getting the necessary knowledge they need from their body before rushing ahead to buy a vibrator. Whether it is the Iroha stick vibrator, Lelo clitoral massager, the ultra thin Crave Vesper vibrator or the huge rabbit ones, it is all about how well you want to feel your body and enjoy sex as an old lady.

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