7 Sex Toys That Will Instantly Improve Your Sex Life

7 Sex Toys That Will Instantly Improve Your Sex Life

What are sex toys?
sex toys are objects that are used to enhance human sexual activities. Your imaginations could make you turn anything into a sex toy; it could be cucumber or pumpkin. Yet, it’s a lot safer and recommendable to stick with established sex toys like dildos, anal toys, strap-ons, vibrators, masturbators, penis rings and a host of other sex toys.

Why Use Sex Toys?
Good sex could be better with sex toys. Couples introduce sex toys to their bedroom to enhance and spice up their sexual life. This fulfilling sexual adventure enables couples experience great sex! Below are few other reasons amongst many, why partners use and should use sex toys.

Sex Toys Improves Communication Amongst partners
While some couples Indulge and resort to different sex positions, others use sex toys to spice up their sexual pleasure and bond. Research has shown that almost 60% of couples, use sex toys to achieve greater pleasures in their sex lives.

Sex toys improve couples communication. Just the thoughts, suggestions and acts of buying sex toys; triggers communication amongst partners and make them talk more often. Beginners should be open enough to their partners concerning what they want, when deciding which sex toys to purchase.

Directions In Bedrooms
As regards to great sex, partners should be able to give directions in the bedroom. On that note, Most couples or individuals who use sex toys such as vibrators are better at giving directions to their partners during sex. Also, Individuals who use masturbators, know their body well and offer better directions to their partners; as to what gives them greater pleasure.

7 sex toys that will instantly improve your sex life

There are many and different kinds of sex toys found in Sex Toys Shop, making choices could be hard for beginners; but Juice Fantasies experts has come up with a list of 7 sex toys that will instantly improve your sex life and tipson how they work. These 7 sex toys that will instantly improve your sex life are listed and elaborated below.

  1. Hands free Vibrators
  2. Dildo/Strap-ons
  3. Pocket Pussy
  4. Anal Plugs
  5. G-spot rabbit vibrator
  6. Kinky Bondage Toys
  7. Vibrating penis rings

1. Hands free Vibrators: This type of vibrator is designed mostly for woman. This curious simulator is placed in one place by your labia, it has legs that mounts pressure and makes it firm on your labia while stimulating your clitoris, your labia and your vagina entrance. This clitoral stimulator is hands-free and can allow you do explore other parts of your body for more sexual pleasure. If You a male partner, you both can as use it and draw from its magical touch: this is because it leaves the vagina open and during penetration, both of you can feel and enjoy the vibration. This clitoral simulator also reigns among women who wants to exert their sexuality and regain control over their body.

2. Dildos/Strap-ons: There are wearable and none wearable dildos/strap-ons. Some also embodies vibrator to help enhance stimulation during vagina or anal deep penetrations. This particular sex toys are most common among lesbian partners. For bisexual women, it gives them the feeling of a natural penis.

7 Sex Toys That Will Instantly Improve Your Sex Life
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3. Pocket Pussy: pocket pussy is a sex toy designed exclusively for men. It comes in various shapes with a vagina-like lips. This male masturbator is more thrilling and efficient than handjobs. Beginners are advised to use this type of realistic male masturbator to enhance their sexual pleasure during masturbation. It’s also good to know that pocket pussy strengthens the penis and increases men performance as well.

4. Anal Plugs: Anal plugs are used for anal stimulations for those who enjoys anal sex. spevial afety is guaranteed with anal plugs because they are made from anal friendly materials.

5. G-spot rabbit vibrator: This type of vibrator is inspired by the magical caress of a lover’s fingers. It is designed to pleasure the g-spot. Aside reaching the g-spot, it also has a sub handle which caresses the clitoris. This dual pleasure stimulation points send waves of intense sensations both inside and out, making your body curl up and down in rhythms. The rabbit g-spot vibrator can also be used for anal stimulation, because it’s made from anal friendly material. Make sure to clean it properly after anal penetration before inserting it in the vagina again.

6. Kinky Bondage Toys: This type of toy is meant to help you explore your bondage and donating fantasies. Beginners bondage kits are available. If you are just experimenting bondage, we advise you go for the beginners kit which doesn’t cost much; until you’re quite comfortable with bondage sex. Items in beginners kit includes: handcuffs, blandfolds, ticklers, restraints, and painless whips. Trust is highly required of partners who are set to try kinky bondage sex!

7. Vibrating penis rings: This particular type of toy is one of the most popular sex toys most designed for heterosexual couples. The ring goes round the penis and the testicles, it’s also adjustable according to users preferance. This penis ring has an in-built bullet vibrator, which stimulates the Vagina/clitoris and the penis at the same time when in use. It keeps the penis harder and also delays ejaculation, this is good news because; penetrative sex may last longer.

Things Beginners Should Consider, When Buying Sex Toys.

Now that you’ve been introduced to different types of sex toys, it’s time to go for shopping and set to fulfill all your sexual fantasies! Here are few tips to help you make the right decisions before clicking the ‘Add To Cart’ button.

1. Sex Toy Budget plan: we advise beginners to plan their sex toys budgets wisely. There are various sex toys for all kind of budgets. You can go for the basic sex toys that are pocket friendly. These basic sex toys may be, dildo or penis ring. You can as well decide to go for luxury sex toys for couples or personal use.

2. Decide On The Size Of Sex Toy You Want: sex toys comes in various sizes, it is wiseto research and arrive at a suitable size that feels comfortable for you and your partner. No one wants a vibrator, dildo or a masturbator that is too big for them. When it is too big, it might make you uncomfortable and make sex or masturbation less pleasurable.

3. Be Guided In Your Choice Of Sex Toy Materials: sex toys are made from different materials. Be smart and know which material to go for, this is because; materials also rule on how you use or care for your sex toys. Soft and flexible sex toys are made from silicone TPE or TPR while the firmer sex toys are made from plastic and glass. Now you know the different materials, I am sure you’ll make a better choice!

How To Use Sex Toys.

1. Wash/clean your sex toys before use to avoid infections. After, get a comfortable place and position where you can focus and enjoy your sexual activities; no one wants to be interrupted during sex.

2. Apply some lube on your sex toys and yourself for easy penetration.

3. Beginners are advised to start off slowly when using sex toy, until they’ve mastered their pressure points. When you are now acquainted with the sex toys and how it works with your body, you can then go on a desired and pleasurable pace of your choice.

Care And Maintenance Of Sex Toys.

Caring for your sex toys may be likened to caring for your valued assets, to prevent them from getting damaged. To care for your sex toys, please do the following:

1. Use anti-bacteria sex toys cleaner and a lint-free towel to clean your sex toys before and after use. This method of cleaning saves you from worrying that water might get inside your toys and cause damages.

2. Use water-based lubes as they are completely safe for use with all kinds of sex toys, including condoms. This is because, chemical reactions occur when you use other kinds of lube on some sex toy materials like rubber.

3. Store/keep your sex toys separately. Do not pack your sex toys in one bag, closly touching each other; as this may cause some sex toy materials to react badly and becomes damaged. Please store your sex toys separately in their bags, packs, or containers.

Now that you have the beginners knowledge on sex toys, I am sure you’ll go on a special shopping for your sex toys and Introduce that magical pleasures/sensations in your sexual lives in order to attain great sex!

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