5 Tips to Getting a Picky Eater to Eat

5 Tips to Getting a Picky Eater to Eat

I believe every one of us has faced a picky eater now and then. If you are a mom you’d know how frustrating it is to make your picky kid eat. I’ve witnessed my nephews. Whenever I see them, their mom is struggling to make them eat and still she is often unsuccessful.

I ended up looking up tips to help the poor lady with getting her kids to eat. I found some tips that actually worked for her kids.

I’d like to share them here today and see if you can get your picky eater to eat better.

Start very small: When trying something new for your kid, don’t offer a large portion. Start with a small piece like a tiny crumble of cheese, a single pea or a tiny bite of noodle and encourage them to try it by telling them they can finish eating it in a second and then have their favorite food. If your kid eats the new food, increase the portion next time and follow with what they already like to eat.

Be Patient and Stick with it: This may sound easier said than done to many parents, but you’ve probably heard it that a kid has to try something 10 to 15 times before he or she likes it. But the good thing to know is that it gets easier once a kid tastes new food the first time. Some accept the food after six or seven tries. Don’t rush; give the kid some time so he doesn’t feel pushed, that will reverse the process.

To avoid ruining your meal time for the whole family, it’s better to offer new foods during snack time.

Balance Snacks and Drinks: If your toddler drinks liquids, like juices, water and milk all day, he or she will be full by meal time and most likely won’t eat anything. The best way is to balance the feeding time for kids by offering 3 meals and one to three snacks at somewhat consistent times.

A lot of children who eat more snack foods and drink fluids all day refuse to accept new foods.

Peer Pressure: This is a strategy I heard of often and works for most moms. Invite your child’s friends or favorite cousin, neighbor for lunch and offer them foods you’d like your child to try. When they see their friends eating it, most likely they’d like to try it as well. Kid’s like to do things their friends do. So it works pretty well. That is the reason kids try new foods more at school when they see other classmates eating it, it makes them interested at least to try something they see others doing.

Focus on Flavor and Texture: If kids don’t like something they see, they will be hesitant to try it. You should focus on the texture of the food. Some kids don’t like to try big pieces or crunchy food. Try different ways with the same food and see if they will it. For example make puree, or smoothie to see if they’d like the flavor of the same food they were avoiding. It’s OK to puree food for a 5 year old picky eater. Same with the other type, if your kid likes crunchy food, or flavorful, offer them likewise.

Is He Really Picky? It is a possibility your picky eater isn’t as picky as you think. It is known that extreme picky eaters accept only less than 20 foods. They are often sensitive to color, temperature and texture. To find out how many foods your child eats, write them all down and see if it goes over 20. If it is fewer than 20, then you should see a local dietitian.

by Sami Kay

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